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Author John Koning Presenting

Whether you are an educator, a parent, a camp counselor or anyone else who makes a difference in the lives of children, you will find information here about John Koning’s popular author presentations. Choose between daytime presentations, literacy nights and Young Authors Workshops to promote literacy, forge strong relationships and cultivate a world of kids with character. Simply scroll down to find the program that best suits your needs.
Remember that nothing is carved in stone and the ideas provided are simply that.

Your imagination is your only limitation. Contact us when you find what you want or if you could use some inspiration. We would be happy to help. Click here for John's Bio


John Koning School Presentations

The Life of a Book

John Koning's elementary school presentations are a combination of stories, interaction, questions and answers. Children may touch and feel real publishing products like printing plates, colour proofs, and photographic film as John takes them on a journey through the life of a book from the very first idea through to the library or bookstore shelf. They will hear first hand from author John Koning about the challenges and rewards of collaboration, writing, editing, publishing, distributing and marketing books. John will emphasize the importance of good grammar skills and reading to a future that is bright and promising.

Building Character

John Koning's four books, The Bully, Rule Number One, "Honestly Eric" and "I Can't" will honestly and naturally reinforce the principles behind the FISH Books name - Friendship, Integrity, Self-worth and Happiness and promote good character as a worthwhile aspiration. They are stories about empathy, responsibility and perseverance.

What to Expect

John Koning’s presentations last a little more than an hour and can involve an entire large school or a single class. John brings with him enough sound and projection power to reach a large audience and the experience of hundreds of previous school presentations across North America. John Koning’s alter ego, Sgt. Major O. Currence, makes regular appearances to enlist new literacy guerrillas in his fight against the enemies of literacy and to teach the children his rousing literacy cadence. Warning! John Koning's presentations are loud and interactive. Let's face it - if it's not memorable, it's a wasted effort.

Recipe for a John Koning visit:

FISH Books Literacy Evening

According to the Royal Commission On Learning, 1995 and Early Reading Strategies - The Report of the Expert Panel on Early Reading in Ontario, 2003, children who do not read early and effectively are at risk in the educational process. Some parents see reading as a school only activity. The purpose of hosting John Koning for a Literacy Night and Pajama Party is to invite parents to become involved in the reading activities of their children daily and to inform them of fun and effective ways to do that. John Koning makes no apologies for his direct approach as he reminds parents of their important role in the academic success of their children.

Read Together Grow Together
John Koning With Young Authors

The power of positive reinforcement cannot be overstated. The potential of accomplishment can never be exaggerated. The value of time spent together is immeasurable. I know this because I see it demonstrated in every Young Authors’ Workshop I conduct. I see it in the faces of children as they read their own stories. I hear it in their voices. It gurgles out of them in bashful smiles and involuntary giggles. It leaks from the eyes of proud parents and trickles shamelessly down their cheeks while they listen to the surprising works of literature that come from their children. I watch the faces of teachers silently coaching their students. I see the rich mixture of pride and relief etched in their smiles. It’s been a long and occasionally hard road to get to this point. As rewarding as it is, they will probably never know the impact that this simple act of publishing will have on these young minds and hearts. These are children who can never say, “I can’t write a book.” While its true that some are more successful than others, they are all taking a step forward in the journey of life and literature. I believe there are no losers in this venture.
The worst that can happen is that they will recognize the connection between effort and achievement.
- John Koning

John Koning With a Young Author
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