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Reviews for books by Author John Koning

“The Bully is a heart-warming story, cleverly told and creatively illustrated. With an ideal blend of humor, drama and rhyme, author John Koning offers this compassionate approach to an aged-old schoolyard dilemma. In light of recent tragedies, The Bully is an absolute must read - for parents, grandparents, educators and children alike.”

-John Kryk, Executive Entertainment Editor, The Toronto Sun


In an age when many adults advocate army-style boot camps for problem kids and even putting children on trial in adult courts, this book seems strikingly civilized. Sarah White’s comical illustrations add a light, entertaining touch to Koning’s well - written story. Highly recommended.

- Steve Pitt, Canadian Book Review Annual

Bully Review by Dana Stanlick

"The Bully by John Koning offers a fresh understanding of an age- old problem. Sarah White's comical illustrations keep the tone light.”

- OWL Canadian Family Magazine


Your stories are absolutely wonderful!

- Sherry Sweet, Librarian


The children can relate to the themes very well. The pictures and words compliment each other and tell the story separately and together - gearing the books to multi-levels.

- Barb Logan, Teacher


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